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Tea&Beer Film Club

August 19, 2011

A couple of weeks ago Sam and I started to get a little loopy at work (not drunk or anything, just loopy,) so we decided it was time to go buy some candy. (Note for clarification: by day, Sam and I also work together as bloggers for a technology marketing team. By night we work on Tea&Beer. So basically we have two jobs doing the same thing, except one blog is designed to be fun all the time and one makes us need to eat candy at 11 am.)

So we bought the candy and I was bragging about how my peanut M&Ms cost 75 cents less than her chocolate covered pretzels, and then I read that I could WIN a FREE MOVIE VOUCHER if I LOOKED INSIDE for my CODE and ENTERED to WIN ONLINE! Being a little loopy already, I found this very exciting and checked to see if I had won as soon as we got back to our desk. (Yes, Sam and I share a desk.)

The point of the story is that I won a $3 movie voucher (with about 3 inches of fine print on when, where, and how I can use said voucher) and, consequently, beat Sam in the who-paid-less-for candy contest by $3.75 if you count my future movie savings. Which is why, this Friday, we need to discuss movies.

There is one movie experience you need to have before the summer runs out: the drive-in. We discovered the Sunset Drive-In in Colchester last weekend and we have decided it is a place that everyone needs to go. As soon as you drive past the ticket booth at Sunset (or any drive-in) you feel like you have gone back in time. The snack shack has a low-ceilinged, classically dingy feel; the pre-movie music is adorably unpopular charts from a few decades ago and the intermission videos are animated clips of popcorn and candy acting like circus performers.

     Admission is $7.50 for a double feature, and an added bonus is that if the movie you’re seeing sucks, you’re allowed to make fun of it out loud in the privacy of your own car, as long as your movie companions don’t mind.

There are tons of other creative movie options in Burlington, too. This Tuesday is the last of Ben & Jerry’s free outdoor movie for the summer. They’re showing Gnomeo & Juliet if you haven’t seen it. Or, if you want a “regular” movie theater, The Roxy is my favorite in town, because it’s cheap (bring your student ID for a discount) and has a more homey feel than the big theaters. If none of these work for you, Sam suggests you gather up all of the pillows and blankets from your apartment, spend an hour building a fort, and watch a movie from in there.

Movies usually aren’t memorable unless you’ve got a fantastic setting, fun snacks, and friends to go with them, so make an effort to make your next movie into something you’ll remember.

Preview for Monday: Tea&Beer does it from scratch.

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  1. August 23, 2011 11:28 am

    this drive in was awesome! its fun even if you hate the movie.

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