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The Ultimate Halloween Costume Idea Generator Quiz

October 14, 2011

There are two weeks left until the big day, but let’s face it—we have entered the Halloween season. My candy bowl is stocked, my pumpkin spice candle is burning, and my bed is presently covered in costume materials. I understand—some people don’t take Halloween as seriously as I do, which is why I have taken the time this week to help you simplify your Halloween costume planning process.

Take the Ultimate Halloween Costume Idea Generator Quiz to help you get started. Based on my years of successful Halloween costumes (In 5th grade, I spent weeks building a milk carton costume out of a cardboard box in our walk-in closet) I have realized that certain people are drawn towards certain types of costumes, so take this brief quiz to realize your true Halloween potential…

The Ultimate Halloween Costume Idea Generator Quiz

1. What kind of art supplies do you have lying around the house?

A. Paper clips. And scissors if you can find them.

B. Glue, construction paper, and markers, leftover from a poster you had to make a few months ago.

C. A sewing machine, yarn, glitter, double stick tape, fabric, gold leaf… possibly more craft supplies than Martha Stewart.

 2. What kind of fashion sense do you have?

A. If you’re a guy you wear whatever’s clean, if you’re a girl you wear whatever everyone else is wearing lately.

B. You have good taste, but your clothes are pretty normal. You prefer more subtle fashion.

C. Even Lady Gaga can’t keep up with you.

3. Which of these do you do most?

A.  Post funny YouTube videos on your friends’ Facebook walls.

B. Make sarcastic jokes that most people don’t get.

C. Entertain everyone at the party with your ridiculous (and hilarious) stories.

4. How organized are you?

A. Um.. pretty sure there’s something you’re supposed to be doing right now, you’re just not sure what.

B. You’re not a detail-oriented person, but you write down the important stuff.

C. You live for color-coding and desk-size calendars.

5. Which topic would you rather answer Jeopardy! questions about?

A. Classic movies from the 90s: Jurassic Park, The Sixth Sense, and American Pie

B. Current news and pop culture.

C. Classic adventure stories: Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Rings

Mostly A’s: The Traditional Costume

You like getting into the Halloween spirit, but you’re more of a store-bought costume kind of person. You’d rather buy something that you know will work than try and make a costume that probably nobody will get.

In this case, you have two costume options: scary and sexy. Scary costumes are the easiest to make because you just need a mask from the Halloween aisle of your local grocery store and some red paint to spatter on a old shirt. Try to be more creative than just a generic “scary beast”, though. Try to make your costume into a character like Frankenstein, a vampire or a zombie (see above).

If you don’t want to be something revolting or scary, you can also try the sexy costume. The danger in the sexy costume is that, like the scary costume, it can be very unoriginal if you don’t think it through. We’ve seen the sexy cat. We’ve seen the sexy cowgirl. The point of sexy costumes is that they can be any generic person or animal wearing 75% less than they would in normal life, so let’s see some creativity, people! Try a sexy flamingo, or a sexy robot, or a sexy astronaut. If you go with something too obvious, people will know you’re just looking for an excuse to wear lingerie in public, but if you get more creative, people will see your sense of humor.

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

Mostly B’s: The Pop Culture Costume

You’re a creative person who is looking forward to a night when you can let your humor shine through in your costume, though you don’t want to spend 12 hours making a costume from scratch. Pop culture costumes are great because they let you show your personality, but they can usually be made with clothes you already have around the house or can find in a thrift shop.

Some of the funniest costumes can be impersonations of famous people. Think of a pop culture figure who you look like, or who has distinct, recognizable features and create a look-alike costume. Some ideas are President Obama, Ke$ha, or Rosie O’Donell.

If there’s not a specific person you want to go as, try dressing up as a pop culture concept. If you think creatively, these can be some of the easiest costumes to make, but if done well, are easy for people to identify what your are. Some ideas are Facebook, a hipster, or the economy (just keep falling down).

Mostly C’s: The Extravagant Costume

You are the comedian, the drama queen, or the big personality, and Halloween night is your big chance to show off. You’re willing to put in the effort for a memorable costume and you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while.

One option is to make your Halloween a true production by doing a group costume. Especially if you have friends who are equally willing to go all-out, group costumes are a great opportunity for kick-ass photos, comedy routines, and quite possibly a bonding experience.  Some ideas are Batman and Robin, the cast of Sesame Street, or Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The other possibility is to go all-out with a fantasy costume. If you’ve got the creativity and skill, you can whip together a costume you’ve always dreamed of from a character you love, like R2D2, Cruella DeVille, or Gandalf the Grey.

So let’s hear it, people. What are you going to be for Halloween?

Preview for Tuesday: What do you stand for?

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  1. Randi B. permalink
    October 14, 2011 1:04 pm

    This is awesome!

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