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Alternative Christmas: Unique Ideas for Gifts

December 13, 2011

Christmas shopping and making gifts is one of my favorite things to do; I love planning personalized little presents for everyone on my list. That being said, I’m not a millionaire and I don’t have tons of time, so I have to get creative to be able to make or buy something for everyone. That’s why this week, Sam and I put our heads together and came up with some creative ideas for gifts.

1. Make a Donation: I couldn’t decide what to get my parents this year. They don’t need more trinkets, or candy, or clothing, so I decided to make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in their name. (Actually, I filled out the paperwork wrong, so it was in my name accidentally…but the thought was there.) I grew up in rural Maine, so my whole family appreciates nature and giving to the WWF was good way to express it. For our $50 donation, we will be receiving a stuffed snowy animal, gift bag, and certificate in the mail, which I’m going to wrap up for my parents to open on Christmas day.

2. Food Gift: I love the gift of food. Buying or making someone their favorite treat is practical, but still thoughtful. It’s especially nice for people who don’t want another “thing” cluttering up their house, because if they want to get rid of it, all they have to do is eat it. That being said, try to think of something creative and personalized, when planning food gifts. Christmas cookies are nice, but what about a spinach dip and chips, or a basket of seasonal fruit, a bottle of wine and block of cheese, or pancake mix and syrup?

3. Something Alive: If there is one decoration that will match everyone’s decor, it’s a plant. Plus, when you give someone a plant, you are giving them aesthetic, oxygen, and nature all in one. For a creative friend, plant some grass seed, so they can give the grass “haircuts.” Give an orchid to your feminine friend, a bonsai tree to your old world or zen friend, and a cactus for your friend who will forget to water it.

4. Give Some Cheer: This may be my favorite/best idea of the season. There are plenty of people who you may not be buying a Christmas gift for, but who still deserve your holiday cheer. Doing something small, yet helpful, for someone you appreciate is fun for all parties involved. Picking up someone’s favorite latte when you go on your morning coffee run, sending them a hand-written note, or stopping by for a surprise visit are some of the best gifts you can give.

Preview for Friday: Creative invitations

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  1. Hannah permalink
    December 13, 2011 11:18 pm

    Love it!

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