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Motivate and Party

January 24, 2012

I love to entertain—hence all the potlucks, barbeques, holiday parties, etc. I’ve been blogging about for the past five months–but before I host a party, I almost always get a little nervous. Usually, it’s because I can’t seem to manage hosting a normal party, where everyone shows up with booze, talks, gets loud and drunk, and goes home. No, my parties usually involve my guests dressing up in weird outfits or doing something embarrassing. In eighth grade, I hosted a murder mystery party at my house and made six or seven fourteen year old boys and girls dress up in character and pretend that a couple of pillows arranged under a white sheet were a dead body. Unfortunately, that’s still my idea of a good time.

This weekend, Sam and I hosted another abnormal party: the Tea&Beer Royale Gala Extraordinaire. We had a dress code (“please wear something respectable”) and a party activity (there was an iSpy set up in all of the common rooms of the house. Whoever found all eight items first won “a personalized cocktail at

a surprise date and time.”) We were also hosting a party to celebrate ourselves, which always feels a bit odd. Sam and I planned this party because it’s T&B’s 50th post. Usually people have parties for 50-year anniversaries, but we felt it was necessary to celebrate our 4 months of service.

Come Saturday, everything settled into place and I wasn’t so nervous anymore. I printed off the iSpy rhyme to hang on the wall, made some cupcakes, and more popcorn (see last week’s post,) answered a few phone calls from people not sure what to wear, and then changed into my own nice outfit and sat around with Chris and Darin (my roommates) until the guests arrived.

Of course, everyone had good time and despite my angst about forcing people into fancy clothes and making them play my silly games. Liz, as expected, took first place in iSpy and will be receiving a surprise cocktail sometime in the near future.

Plus, I got some fascinating feedback from Hannah and Liz about my blog, which re-instilled my confidence in blogging and in hosting a 50th post party. I always get self-conscious about spending too much time patting myself on the back for having Tea&Beer, but this weekend I remembered that blogging is—for the most part—lonely work with mysterious results, so we’re going to have to keep celebrating (and frequently) if we want to keep posting.

That’s why my advice is to remember to celebrate your accomplishments this week. Whatever you’re doing that’s hard, and creative, and time-consuming is worth popping some popcorn and cracking open the Champaign for. Party on!

Preview for Friday: Best photos of the first 50 posts.

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  1. January 24, 2012 5:13 pm

    Do you see that cake it is amazing!! 🙂

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