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Montreal Get Away

February 3, 2012

The wonderful thing about winter is that, on a Saturday, if you want to, you can put on a big, ugly sweater;  make yourself a cup of tea with a chocolate chip cookie on the side; open up a novel that you’ve already read twice before; and not go outside for seven to eight hours or even get off the couch, except to get more cookies.

Of course, after a couple weeks of  being as cozy as possible at all times, you start to get a little stir crazy. You’ve got to do something that’s just a little bit chilly, strenuous, and adventurous, so that you can appreciate the next snuggle session on your couch even more.

Après skate

That’s why last weekend, Sam, Darin, Lorelei and I went to Montreal. (Also, we wanted to visit Harry, who lives there this semester.)

We arrived in a snowstorm. Darin kept turning on the high beams while we drove, so that he could pretend we were in the Star Wars credits (slash not see anything on the road.)

After finding Harry’s apartment, which involved a few “Jesus, take the wheel!” shout outs from the passenger’s seat, as well as getting trapped in the parking garage, we started to take in the more enjoyable aspects of Montreal.

This included ordering a few varlets (liters) of beer at Les 3 Brasseurs, finding a bar on Dennis St. with enough room for all five of us to sit, and, the next day, ice skating in old Montreal.

Montreal was just enough excitement for a winter weekend getaway and the cold temperatures reminded me that Burlington winters aren’t that bad. How do you manage cabin fever in the winter?

Preview for Tuesday: Homemade beauty

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  1. Harry permalink
    February 9, 2012 1:29 am

    I am harry, and I approve of this post.

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