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Recipe for Craft Night

February 22, 2012

It’s my last semester of college. I am constantly in a state of mild crisis.

Senior year means I survive the present time (going to class, making dinner, putting out the recycling) while always having the ominous and completely mysterious future looming overhead. All I know is that in a few months I’ll be living somewhere new and doing something different. Last week, the stress hit me especially hard, which is why I treated myself to a new pad of watercolor paper and a  Micron 05 pen.

Watercolors, paper, glue, fabric, yarn, markers and colored pencils have always been my therapy, but recently I hadn’t been putting very much time into them. Last summer, Hannah, Liz, Allyson, Sam, and I (plus Lorelei and Kalina when they were in town) had the luxury of doing craft night every week. But once school started, our tradition fell apart.

Last weekend, we had a long overdue “Wine Down Sunday” (yes, we stole the name from the Drink specials menu) and I realized how much I missed it. Craft night is different from any other kind of socializing, because–for some reason–when you’re knitting a scarf, drinking some wine, and sitting around a table, you say what you’ve been wanting to get out all week. It’s easy to see why the people you craft with start to feel like family.

Recipe for a Craft Night

  • Get inspiration from Pinterest and Craftgawker 
  • Drink wine or Woodchucks
  • Make fun snacks (like homemade pretzels)
  • Trade art supplies and projects when you get bored of your own
  • Once the chatting is over, watch a movie while crafting (I prefer classic horror films)

Preview for Friday: Kick off a week of bar specials!

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