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DIY Fashion

February 28, 2012

Sam's Latest DIY Fashion Project

Sometimes I get an idea for a dress or a pair of shoes or a necklace that would be perfect for my wardrobe and then spend months (and sometimes years) searching for it. My most famous search started around my freshman year of high school. I decided that I wanted a pair of light brown leather shoes with stacked heels and a t-strap. Every time I went into a shoe store for the next seven years, I searched for just the right ones. During the summer of my sophomore year of college, I bought them on sale for $35 at the Church Street Mall Famous Footwear in Burlington.

Often times, though, I can’t wait on Famous Footwear to catch up with my fashion sense. That’s why I must take matters into my own hands. While I’ve never actually cobbled my own shoes, I have knitted scarves, sewn dresses, made headbands, beaded necklaces, and attempted about a hundred other DIY projects, all in the name of fashion.

DIY fashion can be a little nerve-wracking. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to create the masterpiece that you imagine or that the finished product will look as fantastic on as you had hoped. But as all DIY-ers must remember: the process is half the fun. And if, by chance, you do make something fabulous, when people ask you where you got it, you can say, “oh this? I made it.”

Materials for the woven sweatshirt

Of course, there’s no sense in setting yourself up for disaster with your creative endeavors, though. If you really hate following specific instructions, you’re probably not going to succeed with a sewing pattern. So take a little time to think about the things you like to make and the things you want to wear, so that you buy the supplies and invest the time in a project that you’re actually going to finish.

What Kind of DIY Project Do You Like?

If you like projects with clear and specific instructions, then try…

  • Knitting
  • Sewing

    Create strips of fabric using iron on fabric tape.

If you like projects that have a few special techniques but let you make the creative decisions, then try…

  •  Hemp necklaces or friendship bracelets
  • Clay beads

If you hate following instructions and want complete creative control, then try…

  • Tie dye
  • Beaded stretch bracelets

    Use the chalk to draw lines equal distance apart and then cut.

You’ll know when you’ve hit your signature DIY specialty, but try not to get discouraged if you have a few failed attempts before you strike gold. Being your own fashion designer isn’t easy, so give yourself a break if it takes you a couple of tries to perfect your masterpieces!

Weave the strips of fabric through the slits, making sure that they both start and end on the inside of the sweatshirt.

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  1. Cristina permalink
    February 28, 2012 6:26 pm

    If memory serves, the perfect shoe also had to have an open toe???

  2. March 20, 2012 2:14 am

    This is insanely Bad@$$. Do you have this linked up to Stumbleupon?

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