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Spring Ideas List

March 20, 2012

It’s the first day of spring, which means I can officially start getting excited about summer! By March, I’m sick of all my winter outfits and desperate for a sunny day when I can wear a dress and sandals. For me, mud season is the one, last gauntlet I must get through before the hot weather kicks in.

This week is supposed to be abnormally warm (which, I know, is probably related to climate change and really not good in the long term) but I can’t say that I’m not loving it right now. So I’m hoping I can make use of my spring ideas list right away. Check it out (and click on the product and recipe images for more info.)

get my first TOMS in the mail

They're supposed to arrive today. Fingers crossed!

buy a grown up watch

Don't think I've ever seen a Fossil product I didn't like.

make a long beaded necklace

break out my watercolor paints

Yes, I keep my paints in Altoids containers.

make my first key lime pie

make wrap bracelets

find a one-piece bathing suit

You know how I said I was really picky about clothes a few posts ago? That definitely applies to this bathing suit purchase. So far I haven’t found a bathing suit under $125 that says “I’m stylish and comfortable,” not “I’m trying to hide my tummy with acres of ruching” or “I’m on the swim team” (which I’m definitely not.)

get a spring haircut

I’ve always been curious about bangs, but unsure whether they would make me look 12. Or younger. I’m going to put my trust in my favorite stylist ever-Claire from O’briens.

Sam’s first ever tattoo

It will be my graduation gift to myself. Just a little something to remind me of all the awesome things that have happened and all the awesome things yet to happen. ‘And in that moment I swear we were infinite,‘ is from my favorite book, the Perks of Being a Wallflower.


If you want to see about a hundred other ideas Sam and I have for the upcoming months, check out our Pinterest pages (Here’s Rachel’s and here’s Sam’s.)

Preview for Friday: Burlington Bar Specials Grand Finale!


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