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Best Burlington Bar Specials

March 23, 2012

Our Burlington Bar Specials research came to a conclusion on St. Patrick’s Day at Ri Ra last weekend.

Ya. It was a zoo. But, I was able to enjoy my first Guinness since being in Ireland, and I must say, for the first time, I actually did enjoy my Guinness. (Hooray! I’ve finally left the wimpy beer-drinkers’ club!)

The only thing I didn’t like about my Guinness was the price. At $6 (plus tip) this drink was the most expensive “special” I’ve had since I started my research. I’ll always love Ri Ra (especially Tuesday quiz-night,) but their deals aren’t great. Although, I do suggest investigating their in-depth events page for food specials, which can be thriftier.

Now, let’s get down to the important part of this post, the results of our research! (Click on bars in the “Taste-Tested” section for reviews and specifics.)

Best Burlington Bar Specials

T&B Taste-Tested

What We’re Trying Next

Another Special Worth Mentioning


Drink $2-$5 all specials Manhattan $3 Magic Hat Mr. Mikes $3 Switchback


Three Needs $1 duff hour draft The Other Place $4.50 mixed well drinks What Ales You $1 drafts


El Gato $5 margaritas What Ales You $1 draft Drink $4 Mojito


Finnegan’s $1 PBR Manhattan $3.50 Guinness Ri Ra Pint and a Pound (of wings) $6, plus other bar specials


The Other Place $3 Heineken Three Needs $1 duff hour draft Drink $4 classic cosmopolitan


Ri Ra, varies Drink $5 LIIT The Other Place $5 Cuervo margaritas, $3 Corona

As you can see, I’ve only covered our nine favorite bars here, but there are plenty of other fabulous specials in Burlington that I’m not familiar with. Anyone got some tips on JP’s? Half Lounge? Ake’s Place? Send them in and we’ll work of Burlington Bar Specials Part II!

Preview for Tuesday: Painting BTV

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  1. April 18, 2012 10:09 pm

    I love the OP. I first went there on St. Patty’s day and have gone a few other times. I went last night and got one of their well drinks. The $4.50 sale was the day before, but regular price was still only $5.50. True, I did split a bottle of andres+OJ with a friend before going out, but the tequila sunrise I got knocked me onto my booty. If you want a good time, not a lot of frat boy chanting, and strong drinks (served in tall glasses), then hit up the OP!

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