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Photo Shoot Day

April 15, 2012

Benefits of doing a photo shoot. #1 you might get an amazing picture out of it.

We realize we went missing on Friday afternoon. Our apologies. The reason we didn’t post last week was because we had bigger and better things in store for the weekend: a fully-fledged photo shoot. On Saturday afternoon, Sam showed up at my house with a giant blue trunk filled with a mixture of peculiar objects: fake blood, a BB gun, dollar store toys, poster board, and–most importantly–her camera. It was photo shoot day.

If you haven’t read up on Sam’s Alphabet project already, I’ll give you a quick summary. Throughout college, Sam has been taking photos of herself and her friends and framing them. Each photo corresponds with a letter of the alphabet, so at the end, she’s going to have 26 totally unique and fabulous pictures. Go to her blog to see more pictures from the project.

If you’ve never done a photo shoot with your friends, you’ve got to. It’s the closest you can get to playing dress up as an adult. Everyone puts on weird outfits and make up, you stand out in semi-public places looking ridiculous, and if you’re lucky, you get a couple good photos out of it.

Recipe for a Photo Shoot

  1. Designate a photographer/director.
  2. Plan a few photos you’d like to take.
  3. Gather up all the weird and funny supplies you need.
  4. Plan a day and time (taking into account daylight and weather.)
  5. Make it a thing. You’ve got to commit to the shoot, or you’ll just wind up feeling awkward. Bring snacks, crank up music, whatever you need to do to be loose and have fun!

K is for Killer

I is for Invasion

Z is for zombie

Graduation is looming near and Sam’s still got a few more photos to take. Give us a hollar if you’d like to get in on the next photo shoot!

Preview for Tuesday: Updated reading list. New blogs I love.

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  1. Hannah permalink
    April 16, 2012 11:53 pm

    Holler! Sorry I missed this one guys, I was spending some quality time with my parents. 🙂 Glad you guys had fun!

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