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Homemade Concert

May 1, 2012
How did we make a homemade concert? Here are a few things that helped:
  • Hannah and Andy’s musical talent
  • Sam’s finesse with cake and food coloring
  • Darin’s videography and marshmallow-snipping skills
  • Liz’s #1 fan-ness
  • Skyler’s singing (to give the illusion that the audience could carry a tune)
  • Kalina’s ability to blow up balloons
  • Kyle’s designing
  • and everyone’s willingness to participate in another one of our not-so-average ideas for a party.

That’s what made Live at the Spruce a success. And it really was a success. On a scale of fun, this party was right up there with family weddings and barn parties. So thank you Hannah, Andy, Sam, and everyone else. I think we managed to patch together the expertise of everyone we know in order to make this night a complete success.

Don’t forget to check out our photos from the night. And have a listen to Hannah and Andy playing Weather and Water and I’ve Endured, as well as the medley below.

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  1. Kalina permalink
    May 1, 2012 10:20 pm

    That’s me, professional balloon blower-upper 🙂 Thanks for a great night!! It was a blast 😀

    • May 1, 2012 10:25 pm

      We would have just been stuck with a bunch a deflated balloons if it hadn’t been for you. How lame would that have been?! -R

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