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The Big Move

August 15, 2012

It’s official: I will no longer be a visitor to Brooklyn (as I was this week;) I’ll be a resident! In 15 days, I’ll be packing up a gargantuan duffel bag of stuff, heaving it onto a Megabus, and shipping myself off to NYC to become a hipster Brooklynite and next-door-neighbor to my big sister, Rebecca (and brother-in-law, Matt.)

It feels like a grown-up version of going to college freshman year. I have to figure out all the silly, annoying stuff, like how to get to the post office, and all the big, important stuff, like how to make friends. Unfortunately, there will be no orientation activities pre-arranged for me (aside from those by my sister,) but I’m looking forward to tackling the big city. In fact, once I become less than 100% terrified of riding my bike on the city streets, I’ll probably enjoy myself.


Photos are of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (left side,) an Egg Cream at Tom’s Diner, and The Met.


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