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Beer Cap Table tutorial

September 11, 2012

After just over a year of saving bottle caps the table is complete!

Step 1.  FInd a cheap table.

Step 2.   Make sure the table is clean and ready to go. the particular table I started with was a very tall ugly kitchen table and i was looking to make a coffe table. so i first scraped off the interesting aztec college and chopped down the legs so they were good coffe table height and sanded off the glue.

       Step 3. Make a Frame for the table (optional).  i’ve seen this step done a few different ways with temporary borders or permeant ones so make sure you take the time to figure out what works best for you. I choose to do a permeant border. When making the frame for the table make sure you leave enough space for a layer of epoxy over the bottle caps that will level with the top of your frame. Then nail the frame in place.

     Step 4. Seal up any cracks in the table to avoid air bubbles and leakage in later steps. I used wood glue and let it dry over night. 

      Step 5.  Then paint it what ever color you would like.

       Step 6.   Lay out your design if you choose to go that route or lay them out randomly what ever you like the looks of best.

       Step 7. Glue the caps down!  I did not do this step and while my table came out just fine then next step was a little more stressful then it needed to be. If you skip this step like i did make sure you have something small like wooden sticks to push the caps back down because they will start to float when you pour the epoxy.

     Step 8.  pour the epoxy. the mixing ratios are going to be different depending on the brand you buy so make sure to carefully read the instructions and have everything ready. do it in a dust and bug free area so nothing falls in while its drying.   i have one tiny little bug in mine that will be there forever now 😦

      Step 9.   let it dry then move it in to place and enjoy.

helpful tips for getting rid of the air bubbles:

  • have a hair dryer ready to help get rid of  the small air bubbles as the epoxy begins to set up
  • hold a sander with out any sandpaper or anything on it on the under side of the table and let it shake the air bubbles out.
  • use a squeegee to help level out the epoxy when you first pour it and help eliminate any bubbles

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  1. September 12, 2012 9:39 pm

    Love it! So creative! 😀

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