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Sam: Post Grad Life

November 20, 2012

Since graduation this May, I have since moved back home to Syracuse and am enjoying life with my family. While it wasn’t my original plan, it has proved to be beneficial. For one, I get to save a lot of money, which is handy since I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with life and just found a job this week! I am now a Human Resources Assistnat at Le Moyne College here in syracuse. I’ve made it through my first week and am still feeling great!  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career path to top notch head hunter preferably in the gaming industry. ( I just cant imagine life not surrounded by gamers anymore thanks to Champlain.)

When I wasn’t scavenger hunting for jobs on the interwebs these past few months, I was crafting and refinishing furniture. Its been nice to have the free time to do some of the bigger crafts I’ve been dreaming of for a while and take advantage of the tools and space my parents have. It has been a little tough giving up all my own space  but have worked hard to make my room and basement (/party room) my own. (I will miss it when I am gone mom and dad!) Keeping photos of my friends and Harry around help a lot with the distance because I still get to see them everyday 🙂

My projects have given me something to do and kept me focused on big picture goals.  Some of my favorite projects I’ve done since being home are my potting bench and jewelry organizer. Normally my plants are outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine but as per usual Syracuse weather gets too nasty for plants so I had to find a place for them inside where they could get some sun. I took some wood from some pallets we had laying around and drew up a plan and got to work with some help from my dad. I think it turned out great, definitely serves its purpose. I might add some hooks in the front to hang things like gloves, shovels, that sort of thing.

As for the jewelry organizer, it is made out of a type tray I found at the Syracuse Antique Exchange (there are four floors of amazing things in there!)  It was gross when I got to it and was suffering from smoke damage so I took it home, cleaned it really well, which proved to be more time consuming then I originally thought, put a fresh coat of stain on it, and added some cork to a few squares to hang earrings on.  They sell similar products on Etsy, but they were a little too expensive for my tiny budget so if you have access to an old type tray it is definitely worth the time to make it yourself.
List of projects shown below :

Top Row- Jewelry Organizer , Stack of wood I’m saving for future crafts, Plant stand

Bottom Row – Party room which includes- beer cap table, nifty light, refinished dresser.  In process- reupholstering the orange love seat.

I have this stack of wood I’ve been saving for a craft project, but I have no idea what to do with it. (pictured above center)  Any ideas?

Also if there is ever anything on here that you would like to make yourself and need more info from us on how to do so please ask we would love to help you out.


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