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Guest Post: Winter Workout Motivation

January 1, 2013

This guest post is written by my longtime friend, Brianne, who is a blogger and a fitness guru. She received her B.S. in Exercise Science and has experience in personal training and group fitness instructing. She recently started writing for Feather Magazine as a Health Writer.

Photo by timtak on Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by timtak on Flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes, even being the fitness guru I am, I get discouraged from working out because of the cold. To motivate myself, I usually crank my workout playlist, remember how I will feel afterwards, and know that if I don’t go workout, I will feel guilty. My favorite winter activity is alpine skiing. I may not be the best at it, but it is an excellent leg workout. Sometimes though, it’s hard to get to the mountains for an afternoon in the snow.

If you are one of those people who tend to gain weight during the winter due to lack of activity because of the cold weather, have no fear. Here are three reasons to get you going on your workout:

More Energy
Working out allows you to have more energy because you are putting stress on your body–a good type of stress. It tires you out which allows you to get the full night of sleep you need to recover, allowing you to be better rested in the ­morning. Also, the added stress means your body needs to adapt, giving you more energy.

Feeling Good
Working out releases endorphins which make you happier. It also makes you feel accomplished knowing you just did a workout that you didn’t know you could do before you started (or you didn’t really want to do.)

Lastly, you see gradual improvement in your time, effort needed, or weight lifted over days, weeks, or months You can be proud of your hard work and dedication! These all lead to a positive outlook on yourself. You don’t want to give up all this just because it’s colder!

Happy New Year all! Love, Sam & Rachel
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